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How FAU student Drew Eisenberg ‘I’m Dru!’ landed a Sunfest spotlight: ‘Patience is key’

Drew Eisenberg, better known by his stage alias “I’m Dru!”, balances his studies as an FAU communication junior while carving his path through the music industry’s dynamic corridors as a self-taught singer and musician.  “I’m Dru!” hails from Long Beach, N.Y., but Hurricane Sandy ravaged his hometown in 2012, causing him to relocate to Boca...

Drew Eisenberg, better known by his stage alias “I’m Dru!”, balances his studies as an FAU communication junior while carving his path through the music industry’s dynamic corridors as a self-taught singer and musician. 

I’m Dru!” hails from Long Beach, N.Y., but Hurricane Sandy ravaged his hometown in 2012, causing him to relocate to Boca Raton, Fla. The 20-year-old’s decision to attend FAU was influenced by its proximity and his already-established familiarity with the area. 

Since 2020, Eisenberg has released over 50 songs on various platforms, with the goal to release his first full album in August. He has over 43,000 followers on TikTok, 9,000 Instagram followers and 35,000 monthly listeners on Spotify

“[Music] was just something that came to me,” Eisenberg said. “There wasn’t a specific moment or a specific age where I was like, ‘I want to do music now.’ I feel like it’s just always been there.” 

“I’m Dru!” started gaining a following on social media at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Eisenberg used the isolation period to refine his songwriting abilities and master multiple instruments, including the guitar, piano and drums. 

“At that point, I didn’t know much about the music industry, and I didn’t have the [musical] style that I’m doing now,” he said. “So I used that time to really study how the music industry works, and I started posting on TikTok and Instagram more.”

Despite rap being Eisenberg’s favorite genre, he says pop is more his style because it allows him to be vulnerable and tell his story in a unique fashion. Regardless, he describes his musical style as “a mix of pop-rap, funk and a little bit of R&B.”

Sebastian Godoy, a sophomore at Pembroke Pines Charter High School and one of Eisenberg’s devoted fans, expressed appreciation for the versatility of his music. 

“What I see in Drew is that he doesn’t specifically just make one type of music… and every time that he tries something new, he always crushes it,” Godoy said. “I admire him for that because not everybody is able to do that.” 

Godoy first connected with Eisenberg through an Instagram giveaway in 2021, where participants could win either a new microphone or a feature with Eisenberg. As a musician himself, performing under the stage name “tHiSkId,” Godoy won a feature and later performed at one of Eisenberg’s shows in June 2023. 

“[Eisenberg] always shines light on others,” Godoy said. “He makes sure that everybody has a chance to be heard and to feel like they are a part of something.”

What music means to Drew

During his high school years from 2018 to 2019, Eisenberg occasionally released songs for fun under various artist names without any promotional efforts. It wasn’t until he turned 16 in 2020 that he unveiled his debut track under his current alias, entitled “Nameless.”

Music has been a lifelong passion for Eisenberg, so it meant a lot when he released his first song.

“I’m Dru!” performing at the SunFest festival in West Palm Beach, Florida. (Courtesy of I’m Dru!)

“… I feel like that moment was really special for me because it was the first time where I felt like I could really do this, and I could really be who I’ve always wanted to be,” Eisenberg said. 

On his forearm lies a tattoo of a bandaid adorned with a music note, representing his faith in music’s healing abilities. Music, he explained, was an emotional outlet that allowed him to find his true self.

Drawing from his personal experiences, Eisenberg’s songwriting process varies in duration. Some songs come together relatively swiftly, crafted and produced within a few hours, while others take months. On the same forearm lies another tattoo, this one featuring a key with a clock replacing the bow.

“This [tattoo] means patience is key. I’ve always struggled with feeling like I’m not where I am supposed to be yet, and I feel like this makes me remember that everything comes in time,” Eisenberg said. “And that good things come to those who wait.”

SunFest spotlight

True to the sentiment of his tattoo, Eisenberg is steadily progressing towards success. On May 4, he performed at SunFest, Florida’s largest waterfront music festival – held annually in West Palm Beach – and a significant milestone in his career. 

Volunteers from the SunFest Entertainment Committee selected Eisenberg to be a part of SunFest’s Fresh Local Artists series, an initiative aimed to spotlight homegrown talent. He called it a blessing to perform among “a lot of really big artists” like Shaggy and Nelly. He opened their set with a blend of his original material and select covers.

“It was an awesome experience, honestly, from start to finish,” Eisenberg said. “Being able to be on a stage that big and have the opportunity to perform in front of a crowd like that, it was really a dream come true for my younger self.”

Eisenberg is no stranger to the stage, having performed at various clubs and venues across South Florida, including the Backyard in Fort Lauderdale and Propaganda in Lake Worth. He has also headlined his own shows. 

“When I’m on stage, in front of a crowd of people and showcasing what I love to do, that’s what makes me happy,” Eisenberg said.

Latest projects

Aside from his debut album, which features a diverse range of genres set to release in August, Eisenberg is currently collaborating with Vinny Vibe, a prominent producer and DJ in the Latin and EDM genres. Together, they are working on a song for the soundtrack of a Hulu show titled “How I Caught My Killer,” a crime docuseries awaiting the announcement of its second season. 

“I think what sets Drew apart is he’s not afraid to write and perform songs that are a little different in genres rather than specifically focusing on just one genre,” Vibe said. “He’s very open-minded going into projects [whereas] a lot of artists aren’t.”

Eisenberg also often works with fellow artist and close collaborator Simon Goldstein, also known as “KiD SiM.” Goldstein is an incoming senior and commercial music major at FAU. Together, they engage in songwriting and music production, offering mutual support and creative input. 

“[Eisenberg] is just a very energetic and enthusiastic person, and he’s really willing to do anything it takes to benefit his career, but also the people around him,” said Goldstein. “He’s the most selfless artist that I’ve ever met.”

Eisenberg and Goldstein are very involved with each other’s music, especially awaiting the release of their respective new albums.

“I’ve never released a full body of work, and I feel like now is the time for me to do that and just have one cohesive project that showcases all these different parts of me,” Eisenberg said. 

A balancing act

Balancing the demands of a full-time music career with its attendant responsibilities is difficult, Eisenberg explained. Although, he still remains dedicated to his academic pursuits in hopes of graduating next year. He’s also mindful not to overwhelm himself. 

“I don’t want to give myself any really crazy goals or deadlines because of the simple fact that I feel like that makes me lose touch with what I love about music,” Eisenberg said. “I always make sure that I’m doing it because I love it.” 

Upon graduation, Eisenberg intends to dedicate himself fully to music, aspiring to secure additional soundtrack opportunities for various TV shows, movies or commercials while pursuing live performances and ongoing music releases.

“I want other people to be able to feel good through my music, and I want to positively affect a large number of people,” Eisenberg said. 

Laurie Mermet is the Student Life Editor for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email or DM laurie.mmt on Instagram.

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