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Drug Free Campus Notice

Florida Atlantic University is committed to providing a campus environment free from alcohol abuse and the illegal use of alcohol and other drugs. FAU has adopted and implemented programs that seek to prevent the illicit use of drugs and alcohol abuse by university community members.

FAU distributes a semesterly notification to all students, faculty and staff on policies related to alcohol, other drugs and weapons. It can be found here. This notification contains important and helpful information on the health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and alcohol abuse, as well as contact information to get help.

For faculty and staff, confidential help or questions regarding this statement, please call the Employee Assistance Program at 1-800-865-3200 or visit the Employee Assistance Program website (login ID: Florida Atlantic University, password: EAP).

Psychological Services can be reached by calling 561-297-CAPS (2277) or by visiting the Counseling and Psychological website.

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