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Summer Break
Let's have fun and be proud owls!

Tips for a Safer Summer

We're excited for our owls to be prepared to take on a Florida summer!

Whether you're a Florida native or new to our beautiful state, we've compiled a variety of tips to keep in mind as you spend time in the sunshine.

Plus, a free LYFT voucher and local travel suggestions!
June 1 to November 30


Get ready for hurricane season by making a plan, gathering supplies, and preparing your home, car, and family.

Water Safety

Gain some common knowledge to safely enjoy the Florida beaches.

Keep our paradise a paradise!

There are thousands of species that call the oceans surrounding Florida their home. Make sure to pick up after yourself and NEVER throw trash into the ocean.

Be mindful that the ocean is their home too!

🌞Out & About🌞

Practice these tips for a good time!


  • beach chair and umbrella illustration
    Limit direct exposure from 10 am - 2 pm, when the sun is at it's strongest
  • sunscreen bottle illustration
    Reapply sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) every 2 hours and after swimming, seating or toweling off
  • sunglasses illustration
    Always wear your sunglasses while going out for UV protection
  • hat illustration
    Wear a wide-brimmed and dark colored hat that shades your face, ears, and the back of your neck
  • If your Summer Break involves physical intimacy, be prepared, protected, and empowered
    Tap to learn more!
  • spf lipstick illustration
    Choose cosmetics and contact lenses that provide UV protection
  • water bottle illustration
    Stay hydrated! Most people need 9-13 cups of water or more per day
  • hand holding phone with map app open illustration
    Your group may be separated! Download a phone finder app & decide on a meeting place to go to if you get lost before going out
  • phone dial app illustration
    Write down phone #'s and addresses in case you have to borrow a phone or if you get lost

Dig deeper

No matter where you travel for break, here are tips from the CDC to help you have a safer and healthier break!
Reminder: Alcohol is illegal to purchase, possess, and/or consume for people who are under the age of 21.
Alcohol Awareness

🍹Have fun responsibly

Alcohol increases fluid loss. This means that consuming alcohol dehydrates you. Alcohol mixed with hot temperatures may cause a medical emergency. If you choose to drink, we want you to be aware of these tips. They could save your, or a friend's, life!

For more in-depth knowledge, check out our Substancy Safety page.

Check, Call, & Care

In the case of someone having an alcohol or other drug overdose remember to...
    Check for signs of alcohol or drug overdose such as vomiting while unconscious or semi conscious, cold clammy skin, blue lips, blue nails, or irregular breathing.
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  • CALL 911
    Get the person the help they need. Calling 911 could save someone's life.
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  • CARE
    Place the person on their side, and stay with them until EMS arrives.
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Do you know a standard drink size?

The amount of liquid in your glass, can, or bottle does not necessarily match up to how much alcohol is actually in your drink. Different types of beer, wine, or malt liquor can have very different amounts of alcohol content. That’s why it’s important to know how much alcohol your drink contains.


red party cup with markers to show a standard drink size - Beer/Seltzer: 12 oz Malt Liquor: 8 oz Wine: 5 oz Liquor: 1.5 oz
Blood Alcohol Content Resource Card
man driving a car from perspective of person sitting in back seat
Owl Ride
LYFT Voucher
Things happen, we just want you go get home safe! Claim your LYFT voucher from the Florida Atlantic Student Government!
You don't have to travel far...

When you already live in paradise!

Check out local events and dining schedules throughout the break.
woman feeling confident in her summer wear
All bodies are beach bodies!
Treating ourselves with kindness and nourishing our bodies adequately can help us have a better time during summer. To learn more about resources, visit our Health Advocacy page.
Keep updated on Sun Safety Tips on our Instagram, @FAUOwlsCare, and @FAUStudents all throughout summer!