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Temporary Office
While SS-8 is being renovated, Counseling and Psychological Services has relocated to Building 5, Room 121 from April 15th-middle of August.
Mental Health
We're here to listen
FAU offers various sources to help you find better mental wellness. From individual, to group, or online self guided and more. Find what suits you best!

Mental Health Resources

Students in Distress
This guide informs faculty, staff and students how to recognize signs of distress, provides tips on how to respond to distressed students’ observations and their concerns, and provides references which enable faculty, staff and students to determine who to contact.

Mental Health Self-Help

đź’® TAO
Below are pre-selected modules related to mental health. Click on the 'All Modules' button to browse the entire Tao library.

LinkedIn Learning
Check out these pre-selected modules or click "All Modules" to explore!

Other Counseling Resources